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Helicopters are assets with a long working life - but they operate in a highly cyclical market - 

so investment and financing in this sector must be seen through a longer term prism to achieve an optimal outcome.

Clark McGinn has held leading roles in this industry since 2004, uniquely having worked for 

 - the largest bank in the sector*

- the largest helicopter operator*

- the largest independent helicopter lessor*

That experience, through cycles and across industry participants can help you as you refine your strategies or tactics in the helicopter economy.


                                                                                                                             * as at the time of employment



Next Scheduled: Helicopter Investor London: 2019

Previous Major Presentations: 

Helicopter Investor London

2017, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012

Airline Economics Growth Frontiers Dublin

2018, 2017

Global Air Finance Dublin (2015); 

HAI Finance Panel (2018)

ISTAT (2014) Dubai Airshow (2015)

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